3 Signs That You Lack Potassium

Probably not hearing a lot of potassium, but we should know more.

It is important for muscle strength, functioning of the nervous system, cardiovascular system healthy and so on.

He is a very important mineral that is most common in bananas, melons, avocados and white beans.

The recommended daily intake of this mineral is 4,700 mg per day, but in this case may be a shortage.

These are 3 signs that will show that you lack potassium in your body.

We are always exhausted.

Every cell in our body and need potassium to function, and lack causes exhaustion and fatigue.Therefore, if your exercise makes you tired and exhausted despite enough sleep at night, you probably lacking potassium. Lack of potassium causes nausea and fainting or feeling to run out of air.

You have high blood pressure.

Potassium relaxes blood vessels and a lack of negho, our blood pressure rises.

Superior muscle weakness.

The absence of In potassium, feel weakness and pain in your muscles. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a banana before exercising your muscles which will give strength to withstand the workout.