Beauty has a new secret formula … Oil macadamia

Acid Hyaluronic, peptides, retinol, collagen and whatnot. Daily cosmetic companies create thousands of ways to come up with a solution for the hair and skin. Therefore, you will find thousands of new ingredients on the market that promise a lot.

In the great Immersed choice, find makadamijata – as old and new. Seemingly simple and magical.It comes to tree nuts and transformative powers it has on the skin and hair. Efficiency of macadamia oil you want in the composition of fatty acids:

Acid Palmitoleinska : This oil is the largest source of this fatty acid that is vital to the health of hair and premature skin aging. As we age, certain fatty acids in the skin cease to create and therefore skin aging faster. Makadamijata prevents this.

Acid Oleic : This allows the acid makadamijata it to regenerate and restore the skin and hair.

Acid Linoleic : This acid prevents the loss of skin moisture and shine to the hair.

Phytosterols in Rich : These are components like Steroidal who have excellent benefits for the skin as they represent building blocks for cell membranes and structure. Have the ability to calm the skin from redness and inflammation and regulate the function of the skin.

Large cosmetic companies such as NIVEA, GARNIER, L’Oréal Paris … its cosmetics has based these golden drops of processed tree nuts, so do not be surprised if oil macadamia found in the composition of their products because it is the choice for No . 1 your beauty.