Diet or exercise? What is important when you want to lose weight?

If you want to lose more weight, and diet and exercise are important. However, not necessarily equally important. This video explains why changing diet has a greater effect on weight loss workout. 

In fact, much of calories in a day to lose just because you’re alive. Although burn calories when you exercise, it is not actually that many calories. The video below shows that 20 minute exercise burns about 200 calories. A one half liter bottle of Coca Cola contains 260 calories. If you decide to get rid of 200 calories exercising half an hour, or simply by drinking water for dinner, you think it would be easier?

However, exercise is also a great option. The benefits of exercise do not have to be tied to the weakening, exercise simply to keep the body in good shape. But if your goal is to lose more weight, observing diet is much better first step than going to the gym after you’ve eaten a burger.