Here Are A Few Things You Didn’t Know !!! How to Protect Your Eyes When Using a Computer

Endless hours in front of the computer, tired eyes and heavy head. This is how most of us who work with computers for many hours every day feel. Sometimes we are so carried away by what we’re doing, we tend to forget how precious our health is. You can always find a better job, but you will never find better eyes than those from the mother nature. That’s why you should be careful with your vision and protect it as it should serve you for many years.


I am sure that if you will do a simple Google search you will find thousands of results on how to protect your eyes or eyesight from the harm of a computer. I’ve been there, done that and I have garnered a lot of information, have tested many methods and now I am ready to share it with you.

Biggest Mistakes we Make

The eyes need to stay wet as it is essential for their condition. Our amazing human body has a simple process which helps us moisture our eyes. Yes, it is called blinking. But when we stare at some interesting articles on the web or when we’re quickly tweeting and posting messages here and there, we are most likely to forget that. Not to mention those of us who are into coding and more advanced stuff.

The most simple method would be to learn how to blink more often. Sure, there are also eye drops, but if we can manage to control this process and naturally wet our eyeballs then it will have a better effect than any other product bought from the pharmacy.

Do you have a watch near you when you’re working? Do you take breaks? This could seem as a very simple thing to do but many fail to do so. Put a wall watch in the room where your computer is or at work and try to make periodical breaks of 5-10 minutes, at least. I recommend doing 8 minutes breaks once at 45 minutes. You will feel much more relaxed after doing so and you will have more power and energy. If possible, try to take cold showers, especially if it’s summer. A cold shower will accelerate the blood circulation, thus improving your eye movement.

Your Food Should be Your Medicine

I strongly believe that one can find in the Nature the right medicine for every illness that there could be. That’s why, even before getting ill, you should try to consume as much vegetables, fruits as possible. Lutein is a substance that “keep the eyes safe from oxidative stress“. Also, Lutein prevents and heals cataract and macular degeneration. Try and use in your weekly alimentation these products:

  • Kale
  • Caulilflower
  • Pumpkin
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Green Peas
  • Pig Weed
  • Broccoli
  • Pepper grass
  • Basil
  • French turnip
  • Pepper
  • Spinach

If you can, try and consume them as crude as possible. When they are raw, the level of lutein is much bigger. I stress you yet one more time and tell you that it’s better to prevent a disease than later to deal with it.

Use Sunlight to Strengthen Your Vision

It’s summer and the sun is bashing with its rays. Most of us hurry and grab the sun glasses, thinking that they’re protecting their eyes. Actually, it’s not like that. The sunlight, as strong as it might seem for some of us is natural and won’t harm your eyes if you’ll not look straight at the sun at the top hours. By wearing sun glasses, one dramatically reduces eyesight’s exposure to natural light, thus becoming more and more sensible and even suffering of photophobia. Of course, this is an ongoing debate as many suggest that it actually helps preventing cataract and reduces eye-damaging UV. Use sunglasses if you’re exposed under strong rays for a long period.

Wearing black glasses creates a confusion for your visual system as the entire body knows there is sun out there, but your eyes are being “cheated” that it’s not that sunny. Try and use sun glasses only when it’s necessary, unless, avoid them as it will make your vision sensible and you will not be able to receive energy from the Sun.

A small secret that the reputed Russian bio-energetician S.N. Lazarev, in his book, has taught us was actually to look at the sun. If you are an early riser, and if you can catch the sun at the sun rise, then try to look at it for 10 seconds, then make a pause of  5 seconds then look for another 10 seconds. Do so for 15 minutes, at least. Then you can repeat this step in the afternoon, right before the sunset. After some months, you will notice the difference, I can guarantee you that.

Tiny Tips to Improve Your Vision

One could write a book about eye protection and how to prevent it from getting damaged. Find below some tiny, yet important tips that you need to follow to prevent and improve your vision.

  • When you feel tired, close your eyes firmly and open them quickly 20 times in a row in a series of 5. This exercise will have an improved effect if you’ll do it in the morning
  • Blink, blink and blink again. Don’t forget to blink as this is one of the most important tips to keep your eyes in good shape.
  • Close your eyes, from time to time. Take some time and lie down, with your eyes closed. When possible, why not, take a quick nap.
  • Keep the distance between your eyes and the monitor; at least 25 inches.
  • Massage the area around your eyes, especially the one above the eyes, right under the eyebrows.
  • Exercise. Try and have good physical condition as it will cut the level of cholesterol, thus making eye movement much easier.
  • Invest in a comfortable chair in which you can always relax your muscles and maybe even tumble around a little.
  • Avoid working during the night, when the single light in the room comes from your computer. It tires the eyes as it makes them focus into a single direction.
  • Use this website to help you take breaks. Don’t disable the sound as you will forget about this alarm.
  • Close your eyes and look in the left, right, up, down. Keep your eyes closed and repeat this step 7 times.

I really hope you will take my advice and you will protect your vision. If you have other interesting suggestions or if you want to tell us your experience, do so in the comments section below.